Sunday, 18 December 2011

My feelings and expectation in UBI 1022's first class

I have a story about my first English class,you all want to know???I will start my story ok...
I feel worried actually at that time,that is because I do not know who else are in same class with me.When I came for the first time in that class,I felt so happy and exited too.With sporting lecture and friend made me exited to study in that class.The first day for English class was on Sunday at Othman 03.The class started at 2p.m.I felt so happy and stressless when I were studied with that lecture.My first English class,we were not started study yet.The lecture just gave the title for the first presentation at the night class.We got the title called"Which Personality that you admire the most".I just shut up and started to think who I should choose???.Suddenly at my room,my roomate talked about "Semanis kurma".So,I decided to choose Ustazah Siti Norbahyah Mohamood.I Started to find biography about her.Finally I found it.At that night,I were only present what I knew..Only GOD knew how nervous and shy am I to present in front of many people.When my turn arrived.I just assumed that everyone in front of me were "CHICKENS"...Hahaha...funny right???That was my lecture in sem 1 taught us,when we felt nervous.So,I did that and finished my presentation.I felt satisfied after that and I do my best at that time.That's all my story about my first English class..I hope u all are enjoy it...thanks..